About Facilities

About Facilities

Ishikawa Disposal Site


This site accept limited types of waste for landfill disposal, provided that such waste has stable properties, i.e., waste plastic, waste rubber, scrap metal, debris, glass ceramic waste (including asbestos-containing industrial waste), thus preventing the generation of leachate that may contaminate public waters and groundwater, landfill gas, and odors.


TypeLeast‐controlled final landfill site
Place58 Ho, Koyama, Nashitani, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture
Installation dateMarch 19, 1997
Reclamation area35,424 m2
Landfill capacity528,445 m3
Processing typeLand reclamation (stabilized)
Types of waste handledWaste plastics, scrap metal, debris, rubber scrap, glass waste, concrete waste, and ceramic waste (including asbestos-containing industrial waste)

Permission signboard

Spreading inspection

Waste under thoroughgoing carry-in control is checked in the spreading field before landfilling in order to eliminate waste material that is not of stable type.

Around office

The office and weighing machine are placed at the entrance of the final landfill site.

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