About Facilities

About Facilities

Crushing Facility


The crushing facility crushes recyclable waste into easy-to-recycle shapes and unrecyclable waste into shapes to reduce the volume and meet the criteria of the final disposal site.


TypeCrushing facility
Place2441-5 and 2441-9 Shidenoki, Hatta, Iga-shi, Mie
Installation dateJune 26, 2001
Processing capacity4.7 t/day
Processing typeCrushing machine
Types of waste handledWaste plastics

(1) Waste yard

Waste carried into the site is temporarily stored in the waste yard.

(2) Coarse sorting

Foreign matter and valuables are separated and collected after breaking bags.

(3) Crushing machine

Selected waste is put into a crushing machine.

(4) Processed waste

Processed waste is recycled or properly disposed of according to the shape.

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