About Facilities

About Facilities

Sorting Facility


Mixed waste is separated with a magnetic separator and a hand sorting line to recover recyclable waste and remove unwanted materials in the sorting facility. Each type of waste separated is recycled or properly processed for disposal according to the type.


TypeSorting facility
Place2441-5, 2441-9, and 2441-11 Shidenoki, Hatta, Iga-shi, Mie
Installation dateMarch 6, 2003
Processing capacity360 t/day
Processing typeHand sorting line with magnetic separator
Types of waste handledWaste plastics, waste paper, wood chips, scrap metal, and glass ceramic waste

(1) Sorting line

Fine waste that cannot be processed by rough sorting is effectively processed after the waste passes through the sorting line.

(2) Sorting

The magnetic separator removes metal objects mixed in waste, and the waste is hand sorted as much as possible according to the recycling purpose.

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