About Facilities

About Facilities

Management Office


The management office performs waste haulage management, including the acceptance and weighing of waste carried into the disposal site. Security guards are placed at the carry-in entrance, and they precisely and promptly guide vehicles in order to ensure the safety of the area.

Carry-in entrance

A large signboard of the Ueno Eco Center is located at the entrance, where security guards guide each vehicle coming in and going out in order to ensure the safety of the area.

Acceptance at management office

The management office checks the contents of commissioning contracts for waste to be carried in, performs manifest processing, and weighs the waste. A surveillance monitor system is installed inside the management office to check the disposal site constantly to make sure that the site is free of trouble.

Truck scale

A chief measurer stands by at the management office. The truck scale on site can accepts a trailer and weighs up to 60,000 kg.

Solar electric generation

The Ueno Eco Center introduced a solar power system in December 2006, to cover a part of the power consumption of the facilities with the aim of CO2 reduction.
(NEDO's Field Test Project on New Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology)

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